"At Last! Software For Downloading Camtasia Videos That Actually Works... Even With Password-Protected Sites"

Now You Can Watch Camtasia Videos Whenever You
Want To, And Not Just When You Are Online

"You will wonder how you did without it"

You need this! Even if you didn't know it. This is one of those products you will wonder how you ever did without once you have it. Just buy it.

Terry Ackroyd

From: Lex Edmonds

All I wanted to do was to be able to download a few Camtasia videos and watch them when I had some spare time, and not just when I was connected to the Internet.

That's because I am often in the position where I have no Internet access. This mostly comes about because of travel, including waiting in airport lounges, when on the airplane itself, and also at hotels and other locations that don't have Internet access (e.g. I recently spent a whole month in Changping, in China, in a hotel that had no Internet access at all).

"Simple and easy to use, definitely worth the investment"

I have used Camtasia Video Downloader to download four videos now. Simple and easy to use, definitely worth the investment. This will get a lot of use as I work aboard a cruise ship without internet access for periods of time. Now I can easily take the study with me.

Graeme Beggs

When I'm at home, I also like to be able to work with my laptop while surrounded by the great outdoors. On sweet spring days here in Western Australia, it's really pleasant to be able to take a rug to the park or beach and work with my laptop while enjoying the environment.

Another thing was that I had been a member of a number of membership sites for a while, and I hadn't got around to watching all the videos in the membership area. I was intending to cancel my memberships, but had stayed on longer than I wanted so I could watch the rest of the videos. Trouble was, I wasn't getting around to doing it! So I really wanted to be able to download the extra videos, cancel my memberships, and watch the videos later at my convenience.

Another problem I had was with Camtasia videos that were only posted publicly for a short time, and were then either taken down or turned into a paid information product. This seems to be a growing trend these days, often as part of a product launch. Once again, I wanted to be able to watch these videos later when I had time.

"Lex's software is BRILLIANT"

Whilst I understand the growing number of Camtasia videos being used across the online world, they always frustrated me because I didn't always want to watch them when I came across them and then couldn't remember where they were! Often I would want to watch them on my laptop in a motel room without an internet connection - so I basically got to the point where I ignored them. Then I met Lex's software - BRILLIANT! I now get to enjoy and benefit from all the great resources out there when I want to and where I want to and not only when I can get online. It works real well, simple and I highly recommend it.

Nigel Lane

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A while ago, before I got my fancy new high-speed broadband connection, I used to find it impossible to watch videos at all, or even listen to audios. Videos would play for a couple of seconds, then pause for what seemed like forever while the next bit downloaded, and then keep playing for a couple more seconds. You just gave up when this happened.

"A real timesaver"

I've found this program a godsend for downloading videos, so that I can load them quickly and easily, as and when I want to, instead of waiting for what seems like hours for my slow broadband connection to load the video online. Makes the videos far more useable - A real timesaver.

Leigh Clark

So that's why I wanted to be able to download Camtasia videos. So what was the big deal?

Well, I spent over 6 months looking for a good piece of Camtasia downloading software. Here's what I found...

When you do a search for "video downloader" on Google, you come across more than 1.26 million pages. Should be some good ones in there, right?

Well, I downloaded dozens of these programs, and what I found really amazed me. Most of the time they didn't even work! Especially the browser plugins and Firefox extensions. Sometimes they worked for a while, and then just stopped working for no apparent reason.

I love this program.

I've used others in the past. Some were temperamental, some were complicated, others hard work and one was a giant pain in the butt.

This program is the exact opposite. Easy to use and does what it says on the tin. Wouldn't leave home without it.

Well done Lex.

Adam Sussman

Most of the software I found was for downloading from Web 2.0 video sites like YouTube, Google Video, iFilm, Metacafe, DailyMotion etc. The files on these sites are almost always in Flash (FLV) format, not Camtasia (SWF) format. FLV format is great for real motion video, but is pretty poor for screen capture videos, which is what Camtasia is absolutely brilliant at.

I did find a few programs which claimed to download in Camtasia format. But these programs either:

  • didn't work at all, or

  • worked only with Camtasia 3 files, or

  • only downloaded some of the necessary Camtasia files, or

  • were too difficult to use, or

  • worked OK on public websites but not password-protected membership sites.


Eventually I got so frustrated at this that, being a software developer, I wrote the software myself. Introducing...

Camtasia Video Downloader

One of the main goals of Camtasia Video Downloader was that it had to be ultra-easy to use.

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Here's what the main screen looks like:

When you have found a video you want to download with your browser, the first step is to simply copy the URL of the video from the browser. Then, in Camtasia Video Downloader, click "Paste and Go":

Alternatively you can type a URL into Camtasia Video Downloader and just click "Go".

Whichever method you use, Camtasia Video Downloader then loads the video into its built-in browser window, so you can see exactly what you are about to download:

If necessary, you would also log into a membership site at this point.

You then just click "Download" and Camtasia Video Downloader will download all the files that make up the Camtasia video.

When the download is complete, you can choose to either Play the video ("Play"), go straight to the download area ("Explorer"), or go download another video ("OK"):

If you'd like to see this in action, here's a video that shows me downloading a video from the membership area of Jermaine Griggs' new Nitty Gritty Marketing membership site:

(Opens in a new window)

Seen enough already? Click here to order.

"So simple and so quick!"

I have to say that Camtasia Video Downloader is one of the MOST useful applications I have used in a long time, and I certainly don't want to give it up any time soon.

I am involved in too many membership sites that use Camtasia to train their members, which is fine - it's just that I do NOT have enough time to sit down and watch each of those videos streaming off their site. And, this is costing me lots of money, because I keep membership subscriptions running simply because I "hope" I'll get time to watch them all before I cancel (the ones I don't want to stay in), so I don't have to pay another month's fee...

With Camtasia Video Downloader, I just copy & paste the URL of the page with the Camtasia video on it, press the Download button, and it immediately downloads the entire video to my hard drive.

Wow, so simple & so quick!

Thanks Lex, I've just cut my monthly membership site fees by over $100 in 1 day. That's gotta be worth nearly $1000 in the next year to me, YET I still get to see the videos I paid for - just when I'm ready, not when that auto deduction of my credit card says I "should" be ready! :-)

Thanks mate - you hit a six on this one!

Eran Malloch

The Bottom Line

Camtasia Video Downloader is a new software product, which as you saw above has been receiving rave reviews. After I have sold 500 copies, I am intending to raise the price to $97. I'm not intending to give advance warning of this, so it could happen at any time.

Until then, I am offering it for the special price of...

Only $67.00

Camtasia Video Downloader will pay for itself almost immediately in saved time, and even more so if you are able to cancel even 1 membership that you didn't really want to keep going. In my case, I was able to immediately save $97 a month.

So don't delay. Order right now by clicking the "Add To Cart" button below.

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I'm so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like this product for any reason, simply send me an email and I'll refund your money, simple as that!

Go ahead and order right now.  I know you'll be happy you did.

Lex Edmonds

P.S. This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to lock in the low price of only $67.00 now while you're still thinking about it.

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